Pancake Day

IMG_2261Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Pancakeday, Sunday. That’s how it works in our house. We have replaced Saturday with Pancakeday.

As soon as our oldest granddaughter could toddle over to our house by herself she started making pancakes on Saturday mornings with Tadda. Dragging the kitchen chair over to the counter, she would help Tadda get the necessary ingredients out of the fridge and cupboards. She soon learned what the baking powder looked like and what it was for.  With an immense amount of patience Tadda let her do it all herself, measuring, pouring, cracking eggs, stirring and mixing. .

Soon her little sister was old enough to join in and help. Now on Saturdays the phone will ring and one or both of them will say “Is it Pancakeday?” Over they come, marching into the kitchen, pulling out the ingredients and getting their chairs before Tadda can even get up off the couch. At the age of six and four they could probably make them all by themselves.


The resulting pancakes were different every time. Sometimes they would add apples, bananas or huckleberries. Smothered in syrup and served along with bacon or sausages and eggs they are quickly devoured, the kitchen and dining room looking like a breakfast bomb has gone off.

Cooking with his grandchildren, Tadda is not only teaching his girls simple life lessons. He is also teaching them that he values them and the time that he spends with them. They are coming away with much more than the ability to cook an amazing pancake. They are creating  memories that will last a lifetime. Memories and pancakes all stirred up, flavored with berries and with love.


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