Deposit your garden bounty here: New Harvest Box installed at the Community Garden

Last week, we shared the news story, that in response to some missing vegetables, the Pemberton Creek Community Garden had come up with a produce sharing tool: an overflow box.

It’s now installed. And in full swing.

The photo and details below come via Molli Reynolds:

If you are passing by the main entrance to the Pemberton Creek Community Garden, you will see this new installation: our Community Harvest Box.


As described on the sign above the box, the garden members put a lot of time, effort and money into their plots but we are happy to share with the community if we have an overabundance.

Please refrain from taking from the gardens directly as our families count on their produce being there when they come to harvest. We will share any extra produce but take what you need from the harvest box ONLY.

Thank you!

A big thank you to Pemberton Tool Library for helping design, build and provide tools for installation and and the Village of Pemberton for the grants that made it all possible!

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