Do you dare to call Pemberton home?

Who dares to call Pemberton home?

It’s an intentionally provocative question, to question a sense of entitlement many of us end up with, that can sometimes erode our generosity. And then I look around, and I see the wellsprings of generosity burbling away.

Like on Sunday, when I took my 4 year old to Hooves for Trails, and those amazing volunteers who spent HOURS directing traffic, painting faces, selling cookies, slinging burgers, or walking horses around and around and around and around and around, so every single pre-schooler in Pemberton could get their inner cowboy on, and so they could put every dollar they raised back into local trails. I mean, I know horse people are hard workers. But. Generosity.

And over at this week, another example of daring to burble over with love, which takes a lot more effort than closing down the doors.

Blair and Kiran are two of the volunteers lending their energy to the Pemberton Refugee Resettlement Group and they’re taking over the Wellness Almanac on instagram this week, in the lead up to the Barn Party on Saturday – to give us a behind the scenes peek at party planning and why they’re rallying to raise funds for brain cancer research and to help a Syrian family find a home in a falling-apart world.

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