Mental Wellness: What to Do To Stay Healthy

Mentally healthy is not the same as happy-all-the-time.

Happy-all-the-time is a fallacy, a myth, an unachievable state, it’s bullsh*t.

If you take a look at the world around you and can be completely overjoyed, all the time about everything …. I’d say there’s something wrong with you.

But being sad, angry, easy to anger, edgy, irritated, annoyed, dismissive or dismayed most of the time is also not where you want to be.

Maintaining mental health is about balance. It is about what you can do to maintain your balance. Take the time to think about and list what you can do to edge out sadness, boredom or anger. That list may include things like reading, movies, exercise, time with pets, time with loved ones, baking, cooking, going for a walk, or connecting with friends.

When you are feeling empty you can recall your mental wellness items and work on restoring yourself.

If you are spending more time with sadness or discontent than you are with happiness or contentedness you may need some extra help. Reach out in your community to find that help. A place to start is with your family doctor.

It is okay not to be okay.

its okay

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