Lindy Scott reflects on a week as our Instagrammer-in-Chief

Guest post and photos by Lindy Scott.
When I was asked to step in for an Instagram takeover, I was equally intimidated and flattered. While I often put a lot of thought into my personal Instagram posts, I’m not a daily poster. But I knew I would be up to the challenge.
As I started to skim through past posts, I became really inspired and excited to start my week. I could imagine taking on this challenge and embracing this opportunity to share my life with the WA followers.
My life right now revolves around a hilarious, emotional 4 year old who is not afraid to speak his mind, and curious 10 month old who has been dabbling with walking and wants to be wherever his big brother is.
Our house is busy and happy and by no means is it perfect. I avoided documenting the imperfections, and I’m not sure if that was the right call. Maybe I’ll work on doing that on my own social networks in 2017.
My takeover gave my week an extra purpose.  I was forced (allowed) to look at our village in another way. It added another level of seeing, and I don’t just mean “through my camera.”
I didn’t just see the usual beauty that I see everyday. I looked harder to find the exceptional intricacies in my day to day life. My four year old had noticed me stopping several times a day, saying, “I just need to take a picture of this…” and he obliged, indifferently. One moment that stood out for me was when he looked at the incredible frost formation on the lake and said, with excitement, “Mom, you gotta take a picture of this!”
Seeing my son take a moment to appreciate the beauty of nature in its many forms makes it all worth it. Even if as soon as I had captured the photo, said frost crystal met the bottom of his boot.
I feel like I was given a gift, having such a mind-blowingly gorgeous week to document. Call it chance, call it Karma. I just say thank you. Thank you to Lisa for giving me this compliment in trusting me to entertain the followers, thanks to Mother Nature in all Her glory, and thank you for looking.

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