My week on Instagram – Zoé Martin’s takeover

So, it’s true. When Lisa Richardson, friend and editor of the Winds of Change blog, asked me to be the next Guestgrammer on the Wellness Almanac Instagram account I instantly thought she had emailed the wrong person. You see, in our house it is my husband, Gary, that is known for the mind blowing photography.
Me? Well I just take pictures of pretty things (mostly my dog) and hope that someone else likes it!
So, after being reassured that it was me that Lisa had meant to email my first thought was “what am I going to take pictures of for a week?”, and then the trepidation set in!
Fortuitously, a couple of events made it a bit easier for me to document my week.
Snow in the village, the anniversary of our arrival in Canada as Permanent Residents, preparing items to sell at the St Davids United Church Christmas Bazaar, trying out a new recipe for the Winds of Change blog (look out for that one soon), the first day of opening my advent calendar (Christmas is my favourite time of the year), a closer inspection of my late Grans cookbooks recently gifted to me, the first party of the festive season and the annual Christmas tree hunt. 
On the downside, during my week, we also lost a local legend in the art world, Chili Thom. Although I did not know him personally we do own an original piece that he had donated to the silent auction fundraiser for the Pemberton Skate Park several few years ago.
So, having not known what images to post, and the story behind it, I actually found myself in a position of having many things that I could have posted!
And all the while I was considering the correlation between my image and the raison d’être of the Wellness Almanac.
For me, it was discovering the things that give me pleasure and, therefore, contribute to my own wellbeing – my picturesque commute, crafting, exceeding 10,000 steps on my Fitbit, cooking, late-night reading, being with friends and this place, Pemberton.
There’s no place quite like home and the lifestyle that has been created in it and, with one glance to Mount Currie, I know I’m in the right place.
Hopefully some of that came through in the images that I shared and you liked them.

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