That time last week that Amie Le Blanc traded rain for sand dunes in Dubai


Every year, I make sure to take a much needed time out at the end of every wedding season. This time, I went to Dubai! It was a totally surreal experience and I thought it would be interesting to share a few landscape photos from the other side of the globe.


I went to visit my best friend and meet her darling two year old son for the first time. She and her husband treated me to an “Arabian Adventure” in the desert, and it was definitely the highlight of my trip. By highlight, I mean both mesmerizing and absolutely terrifying.


To start the evening off, the guides pick you up in SUVs and drive right off the highway and into the desert at random. Seriously. No driveway, no turn signals, nada. Then they all jump out and pump most of the air out of their tires – as you watch your SUV sink into the sand. Once we got the opportunity to take our cliche desert selfies, we jump back in to go “drive the dunes”.


To the average adrenaline junkie, I’m sure this would have been the ultimate delight. For me, I was more likely the world’s biggest drama queen with all of my screaming. They drove up and around the sand dunes like you would on snowmobiles. Spraying sand everywhere, tipping the car almost over on its side, and dipping down like you’re taking a ski jump at full tilt.


Every time we got to the edge of what seemed like a cliff of death (note the drama queen coming out here) I thought we were going to roll down forever and die (again, drama-ing just a bit). The British tourists with us in the SUV thought it was absolutely hilarious how suddenly silent I had become – and how creative my word choices were when I did speak.


Once we finally escaped the sand-mobiles, we had dinner at an outdoor desert camp with live dancing and shisha pipes for every table.


It was fantastic, and so much less dangerous. Hummus, tabouleh, and free henna tattoos for everyone!


I would definitely recommend the chance to explore the desert if you’re ever in the middle east and need a break from air conditioned shopping malls. Oh, and I found out later that you also have the opportunity to skip the “dune driving”, if you’d prefer to keep your heart rate level. (Insert gritted teeth smile).


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