Hey mamas, get yourselves in front of the lens.

Do you know what I hear a lot?

“I have almost no photos of myself with my children”.

What?! You’re with them practically 24/7. You’re together for every adventure, every milestone, and every family dinner. How is that possible?


Mom’s the one taking the photos. (Okay, sometimes it’s Dad – but this post is for the moms!) Mom’s the one who hasn’t done her hair yet because she was too busy getting everyone else ready. Maybe she doesn’t want a reminder of how tired she looks after making dinner for 12 people, or she’ll just take one later.

But GUESS WHAT! You’re beautiful!


You’re wonderful as you are – and you’ll want to look back on your messy hair and dirty clothes and remember that you were there. Your kids definitely will.


I love hunting through photo albums for photos of my mom. Trying to see if we had the same smile at the same age, and finding those moments of joy on her face. I’m still working on dragging her into photos, but we’re making progress.


What’s my point? Moms- jump in the photo!


Scoop your kids up and throw your camera to someone else, or teach yourself the timer and put it on a fence post. Whatever you need to do, because you’re important!


And as cliche as it sounds, don’t save for tomorrow, what you can capture today.


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