The best kind of Air BnB: bird-feeders and bee boxes as accommodation for the winged ones

Students from Pemberton Secondary built these beautiful chickadee houses and a bird feeder for the Pemberton Creek Community Garden.

To attract house wrens and chickadee, place the box very close to or actually in the cover of a bush or small tree where they seek shade and protection of thick bushes and where mated pairs find nesting materials and food for themselves and their young. The box may be placed 3′ to 10′ from the ground.


You can also make a mason bee hotel – check out the instructions in this post, shared by a Pemberton Community Garden member.


Here’s what you will need:

  • Regular size drinking straws
  • A container with a base/back
  • A source of mud
  • A flower bed or fruit trees within 300 ft. of the bee hotel
  • A spot facing the morning sun out of reach of being bumped – at least 3 feet above the ground.

You can also drill holes in a thick piece of wood but clean drinking straws work well and seem to be more parasite-proof. Cut straws the size of the container/soup can – or just a little shorter, so there’s some overhang to protect them from rain and birds.

Decorate the outside… but keep the inside clean.