A professional photographers counsels you to leave the huge equipment behind, but never leave home without an iPhone.


I am terrible at bringing my camera gear with me. Seriously. If it’s not for work, I almost always leave it at home. I am a big believer in enjoying experiences firsthand, so if I am off to enjoy a birthday or fireworks, I do it camera-free. I remember missing an entire evening once because I spent it all behind my camera lens – and vowed never to do that again.


But sometimes… I just cannot resist capturing a moment. And do you know what works just perfectly? My cell phone. I work all week with gear twice the size of my hands, and I can be equally as satisfied with photos taken blindly with the single click of a little grey button. (Blindly because I always break one of the lenses on my phone eventually!)


I wanted to share some of my favourite iPhone landscapes with you. I even had one printed and blown up on a huge canvas! Just a reminder that you aren’t always limited by your gear – just a simple matter of seizing the moment when you see it!


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