Sighted: Albino banana slugs!

Screen shot 2016-07-16 at 9.35.56 PM

This, via my favourite reptilian correspondent, @pembyboa, the instagram alter-ego of Dr Leslie Anthony.

Anthony spotted this albino banana slug in 2009 on a hike to Garibaldi Lake.

He hasn’t seen once since, until July 9, during Whistler’s Bioblitz, (the 10th!) when participants found three albino banana slugs on two different sections of trail.

What does it mean?

“Over seven years it seems this rare, recessive genetic mutation has spread in the very limited area and there is a genuine “frequency” of occurrence in this population. So… It appears that in addition to a little albino bear seen this spring, Whistler now has its own unique BC species variant—the Spirit Slug! So if you see one on the Garibaldi Lake trail or anywhere else, take pictures, log the location, and let the Whistler NaturalistsWhistler Naturalists know—we must protect Whistler’s newfound #GreatSlugRainforest at all costs!”

(You can report a sighting on their website at

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