Shout out to the Pemberton & District Public Library

The other day, Tanya submitted this shout-out to the Pemberton Library, and I nodded my assent, and filed it for future use. Then, I read a facebook post, from Nic, one of the AMAZING librarians… who admitted to having struggled with learning difficulties and hating reading as a kid.

I remember pretending to understand what everyone was learning so easily in class. I remember filling out the dots in exams with patterns to make it look real. I just didn’t understand what reading was about. I hated going to the Library and looking at books. I was so ashamed of being stupid. Kids with learning disabilities struggle so much. Who would of thought I would turn out to be a Librarian

Last year, when Marilyn from the library stepped up to undertake a Wellness Challenge, and turned it into a 50 Books for Wellness game, she also shared that reading had not come easily to her as a kid:

I wasn’t a great reader when I was little. Every one of my report cards stated “Marilyn needs to practice her reading.” I just couldn’t get it! I became frustrated and embarrassed because the teachers kept calling on me to read out loud to the class. What a perfect way to make the shy girl who couldn’t read hide more inside herself.

So can I share this post of Tanya’s, endorse it, support it, hell-yes it, and say, to anyone, who finds reading hard or intimidating, who finds life hard or intimidating, that we are utterly blessed in this community to have a library staffed with big-hearted compassionate people who GET it, and who provide, every single day, a safe space, for everyone.

to The Pemberton & District Public Library.

as I borrow scissors for my project, Marilyn comes over to make sure they’re working and finds me a better pair! my 11 year old is in the next room at book club, there are folks on computers, kids reading to parents, workbc is set up helping people look for work an hone their resumes, I imagine there are a fair few here for books as well:)

what an awesome place.


Feel free to add your shout-out or positive experiences with the library below, and we’ll make sure the staff get a copy.

One thought on “Shout out to the Pemberton & District Public Library

  1. Janet Ouchterlony says:

    Every time I go into the Pemberton Library it’s a wonderful experience. Thanks to everyone working there for making it such a special place.

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