Dave Steers, of today’s feature photo, presents tomorrow at The Prospect Pub

Screen shot 2016-06-18 at 7.52.04 AM

The Pemberton Search and Rescue team took their boat down Lillooet Lake in advance of the Pulling Together paddling event which they are going to provide safety for . Happily, Dave took his camera along for the ride. This is the country that will sing to the paddlers. (Don’t you wish you could be along for the journey?)

The Pemberton Arts + Culture Council’s ARTS NIGHT OUT tomorrow night at the Prospect Pub will feature  special guest Dave Steers, whose photos we have been proud to share on Sundays since the earliest days of this blog.

Meet the man behind the lens, of the most quintessential images of Pemberton, and hear some of his stories.

Monday, June 20, 2016
8:30 – 10:00  p.m.

Photo by Dave Steers

The PACC invitation:

It’s hard to pry a camera out of a photographer’s hands, but at 8:30
p.m. this Monday, acclaimed local photographer Dave Steers will take time
out to share his art with the public. Steers will talk about the status of
photography today in the age of digital technologies and social media and
provide highlights of his photographic life journey, which includes Search
and Rescue stories from the Valley. Arts Night Out officially ends at 10
p.m. but if the fun spills over into the wee hours, the pub is open for
your convenience.

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