Supporting your first responder, workshop for partners of firefighters, police, paramedics and SAR volunteers, Thursday, June 2, 7pm

Two days a week, I go into work at the SLRD office, just above the Fire Hall in Pemberton.

Sometimes, the trucks are out, glistening-clean in the sun. They’re never put away dirty.

Sometimes, firefighters are gathered around, preparing to greet kids for a party.

Sometimes I  hear the sirens as they head out to help.

I never know  what happens when they go home, after a call, carrying that stress and fatigue and trauma in their back pockets.

That’s why events like this June 2 workshop for spouses and partners of First Responders –  the firefighters, the SAR volunteers, ambulance drivers, RCMP and paramedics, are so important.

Let’s support the people who keep us safe.

This is an evening to leave the first responders at home. Spouses are invited to learn and share what it means to be part of that emergency response team – the ones tending the homefront.

First responders attend traumatic events regularly. These events often lead to unique stress reactions. Learn how to support first responders by identifying and responding to these reactions.

Thursday, June 2, at 7pm, at the Pemberton Community centre, Room D.


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