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Tanya's values

I attended Therapeutic Conversations 13 (TC13), a gathering of Narrative Therapists last week in Vancouver and had the fortune of going to a workshop with Tom Carlson & Chene Stewart. Toward the end of this workshop we spent some time imagining how we wanted the people we worked with to feel we felt about them. That’s a strange sentence but I have a hard time working it out any other way. So here’s my example.

I am a psychotherapist, I want the people who come to see me to know through my actions and words that I believe they deserve….

Next task was to write this word on a piece of paper. Look at it, colour it in, spend some time with this value of yours. This intention behind who you are. The next step – write the names of people (alive or dead) who have made you feel this way. This was the powerful part for me. I am hoping that people feel a certain way with me in therapy that others have made me feel.

There were many values that came to mind and many different words were written on pieces of paper. I thought of many words but the one that called out to be written on the page was ‘WORTH’.

Here’s a photo, of my evolving map, which changes every time someone else comes to mind.

Tanya's values


Try it, write a core value on a piece of paper, decorate it and colour it and make it as fancy (or not) as you like. Then spend some time writing the names of people who have made you feel that way. It’s a really nice exercise.

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