Seasonal Observations: Pussywillow

They are such a stereotypical sign of spring but they never fail to catch my eye.  I always think back to elementary school when we would gather branches full of the soft grey buds, glue them on to outlines of rabbits and cats and probably mice, then proudly pin them up on the “SPRING” wall.  Over the years, it has been rare that I haven’t picked a bouquet just to announce the arrival of a new season.  Today when we hiked up the back of the Camel’s Back, there weren’t many leaves out yet but the plain old pussy willows were glowing in the sun and as I got up close to take a picture, I jostled the branch and a cloud of yellow pollen rained down on the rocks below.  Besides being grateful that I don’t have pollen allergies, I was also grateful to see these “cat’s paws” in a whole new way.


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