Learn some songs with your baby. Registration is open for Mother Goose


Most of the “organized” stuff I did with my kid, when he was a baby, felt like a failure (and I tried not to do too much of it because it felt Herculean to get out the door and arrive anywhere at an appointed time.) He didn’t sit nicely on the carpet and listen to the stories at Library Story time. He was more inclined to crawl over to the shelves and try and pull himself up, or pull the shelves over. Or eat the books. At parent-tot gymnastics, as all the other kids were dancing along to the music being elephants and crocodiles, he would sit and watch, and not even tap his feet to the music, no matter how enthusiastically I impersonated an encouraging elephant. At Mother Goose, instead of dutifully learning the songs and actions, as I was frantically trying to do, he’d make a getaway for the kitchen or the bathroom where there were interesting things like garbage bins and flush-buttons.

Funny thing is, none of the instructors of these programs were particularly bothered by this. Because, you know, he’s a baby. And that’s what babies do.

Eventually, I got the memo, and loosened up.

And we still, 2 years later, sing some of the songs we learned at Mother Goose, with our weekly singing class.

Fun, supportive, non-judgmental environments are just what you need to when you get your crash course in motherhood. (Here’s your baby. Don’t screw him up.)

Mother Goose is open for registration now. Call or email Grace to sign up.

And on another happy note for parents of wee ones, library story time (which really is amazing) is still on during spring break. #godsend



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