Want to help the PSS French Immersion students be amazing hosts and show some Quebec kids a great time in the neighbourhood?


The grade 9/10 French Immersion class from Pemberton Secondary School is getting ready for a two-week exchange with 22 students from Quebec.

In March the Quebecois students will be spending a week here, and in April the PSS students will go to Quebec, doing activities that have been planned for them.

After speaking French in the classroom for four years, they finally have the chance to speak with a real Quebecois community.

The travel expenses for this trip are covered by SEVEC  but the PSS students are responsible for the cost of excursions with their guest exchange students while they’re here.

In order to have a budget to take their guests to Vancouver and Whistler, they have started a gofundme campaign, with a goal of raising $5000.


I reckon we should contribute out of sheer gratitude that they’ve forsworn more conventional fundraising methods.


Click on the link to learn more, or donate.