Willpower won’t cut it. If you want to embody wellness, you need some people in your corner. This new course at the Pemberton Community Centre might help.


I read a quote over the holidays that stuck with me:

We have to cure our faults by attention not by will.”

I was drawn to this idea… that’s it’s not the brute force or mental muscle of willpower that we need, to be able to follow through on our resolutions. It’s something quieter. Paying attention.

I had to keep a food diary for a week, and it was amazing the way the simple act of noting down what I was consuming focussed my attention on how I eat, when I snack, what I eat.

(Final analysis: I subsist on coffee and toddler leftovers. Suspect I’m not alone.)


After wrapping the 50 Day Wellness Challenge in 2014, when a dozen folk agreed to spend a month and a half devoting themselves to a personal wellness challenge, in the effort to transform it into habit, I realised:

  1. the weakness of my will


2. the strength of community, cheerleaders and feeling accountable to other people.

So, this new program that Anne Crowley is offering at the Pemberton and District Community Centre from January 18 seems intriguing and awesome, and well worth investigating. IMO.


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