Cold winds blow warm thoughts

My house, it seems, is in a wind tunnel. Wind has howled around us for the last week. It’s making me even more of a hermit, reluctant to expose any part of my skin to that wind, but I also think, wow, how lucky I am for these four strong walls, for this fire place, for this shed full of wood.

Magnus Wennman’s photos of Syrian kids, sleeping wherever they can, have been haunting me since I saw them… but as the weather turns, I feel even more appreciative of my warm bed and big duvet.

Screen shot 2015-11-28 at 8.47.22 PM

Steven Hill was on the same ice-clad wave-length this week, when he scribed his column for the Squamish Chief:

This week, as I scraped frost off my car windows on an early frigid Squamish morning, I started thinking about how much I just really, really don’t like the cold. As a former Montrealer, I should be more cold-resistant, considering I’ve seen some -40C winter days in my time and survived. But for some reason, lately I just can’t take it.

While I was out there thinking “poor me, shivering out here in the cold,” my thoughts turned to those folks who don’t have a place to go to get out of the cold weather.

I walk past so many of them in downtown Vancouver every day I go to work.

Suddenly, my few minutes scraping my car in the cold didn’t seem quite so unbearable. Suddenly, instead of inwardly griping about the fact I didn’t have gloves on while performing the task, I was thinking about those that don’t actually have anything at all… gloves (which I’d just left in the house and was too lazy to retrieve), good jobs in the city, a car to scrape in the cold, etc.


What to do with these thoughts, this good fortune?

Well, Sea to Sky Community Services are putting together Christmas hampers for local families who are doing it tough. Seems a good place to start.

Christmas hamper 2015

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