How much do I love the little free libraries… let me count the ways

Ever heard that They Might Be Giants song that goes: “make a little birdhouse in your soul”?

I have no idea what any of the lyrics mean. But if anything could capture the quaintness of a birdhouse in my soul, it is the new little free libraries that have been developed by the Library, Pemberton Valley Seniors and the Men’s Shed. They’ve been on display at the Community Centre, pending their installation around the neighbourhood, where they will offer shelter for books wanting new homes and new readers. (May they be well-used, well-loved and replenished regularly with great reads (and not bad romances. Sorry, romantics. But there’s just so much great writing out there…)

File this whole project under: Things I Love About Where I Live, (right next to honour stands and other roadside attractions. And random art installations around town.)

What do you love? Send us a shout-out, note of recognition, photo, or suggestion. We like spreading the warm and fuzzies around.

And what books would you recommend? Or stock the libraries with? We’re always psyched to share book shout-outs, too.

IMG_0170_2 IMG_0171  IMG_0173 IMG_0174

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