Share your household garbage hacks, invites the SLRD, to win. Actually, we’ll all win. A better planet.

We’re halfway through National Waste Reduction Week.

original_win_ski_art_ssThe SLRD’s Zero Waste team have been inviting folk to share your garbage hacks and recycling tips, and win.

It’s an invitation to show how you love this place, reduce waste, inspire your friends and reduce landfill bloat. And all it takes is a photo or suggestion online. Got the world’s best recycling station? A to-go coffee cup holder that you knitted with pride? Proud of the way your kids salvage anything that accidentally gets put into the garbage? Or have you made the world’s best cardboard fort lately? Creativity and community are way more fun than chest-beating and hair-shirt-wearing, so let’s see what cool little tips you have for loving the Earth and walking more lightly on it.

LTP contest WRW poster SLRD bannerFor some cool tips on how to reduce waste, check out this post, or follow the Zero Waste team on Facebook.

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