Mudfest fundraiser for Birken Slide Relief, Saturday October 3 at Willowcraft Farm

12038044_1492985214334498_2753866834479112330_nWhen a mountain collapses and buries your neighbours’ homes, what is there to do but sing about, and try and raise a ton of money to help them get back on their feet – especially given that debris flows are deemed “acts of God” by insurance companies, and leave you uncovered.

All are invited to Mudfest on Saturday October 3 at Willowcraft Farm in Poole Creek.

After the September 20 debris flow that buried several homes on Pemberton Portage Road, several fundraising efforts have sprung forth to assist Rob Elliot, Erin Stewart Elliot and their 3 year old River, Jeff Waters and Ken Myers, who lost their homes and possessions.

As the SLRD posted on their website:

If you are interested in supporting them in their recovery, here are ways you can help.

  • A Birken Slide Relief Fund has been established at Scotia Bank for all the slide victims. The account number is 906700244325. Account name is Birken Slide Relief Fund. You can go into any Scotia Bank and make a donation to assist all of the victims.
  • Alternatively, crowdsourcing campaigns have been set up for several of the victims, (out of which GoFundMe takes a 5% administration fee):
  • GoFundMe campaign for Erin, Rob and River Elliott.
  • GoFundMe campaign for Jeff Waters. 
  • GoFundMe campaign for Ken Myers.
  • Clothing donations can be dropped off to the Pemberton Community Centre. Please hold off on furniture donations for the time being.
  • A Facebook Event page, Birken Slide Relief Fund, offers updates about various initiatives.

A big rally of love and jamming, is also a great way to help, to buoy these folk up, and hopefully, remind them that, despite having lost almost everything they own, there is an abundance of love for them. Music, fundraising, food, camping, more.

Show your support!

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