Rob and Erin lost everything in Sunday’s mudslide. Help them get back on their feet. Donate at

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On Sunday, in the middle afternoon, during a heavy rainfall massive amounts of water, mud and debris swept down the mountain in Birken, BC. Power went out throughout the area. Erin and Rob Elliot lost their house and farm.

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As updated by her brother, Brent, “The ground floor was completely filled with mud and the second floor was partially filled and one side of the house was ripped away. Erin, her husband Rob and their 3 and half year old son River have lost everything. They have managed to save some clothes, a guitar, some art and our grandmothers silver. Everything else is gone.”

They subsequently found out that the insurance company has denied their claim. A mudslide is an ‘act of God’.

Erin shared, via Facebook, her appreciation for the messages of love and support and offers to help. “We are all ok. Thankfully ok! The house, farm, cabin, greenhouse, and animals have all been destroyed by mudslide. Rob and some amazing friends went back today and managed to pull out some of our things, but basically everything is gone. I lost my mom 1.5 years ago and losing people is much much harder than losing stuff. So grateful for all of you in my life. If I don’t respond please know I am grateful.”

Let’s give her something to be really grateful for? Please help this family of loving, community-minded, dear-hearted people get back on their feet.

A fundraiser open mic is being planned, too. Details will be shared as they’re confirmed.