Click once for love: the Pemberton Community Barn is nominated as a Great Canadian Place

If you were at the DesLondes Barnstorm, or the Father Daughter Dance, the Barnbunrer Triple or the Farmers Markets this summer, you know that the Pemberton Downtown Community Barn is a pretty special space. Scene-setting.

It’s still in its infancy, as a Pemberton icon, and a blank page, in some ways, so I think it’s potential is as big as it’s stun-factor. But what an icon it could be for Pemberton. Where other towns have giant pineapples or dinosaurs or murals, maybe the signature spot to take a downtown photo is the barn with Mt Currie behind it… And why not represent Pemberton. Ater all, craftsmanship, community, a love of great views and openness are (I like to think) core to this place.


The barn has been nominated as a Great Public Space in the Great Places of Canada contest.

This is a 5 year old initiative of the Canadian Institute of Planners, to share the places that make a community unique and to recognize the vital work of professional planners – so yes, it is a little bit about giving up some recognition to town planners, but honestly, the folk working at muni hall in Pemberton and the SLRD are some of the hardest working dedicated people I’ve ever met, and they get no thanks, ever… so, why not rally to see them enjoy a deserved shout-out every now and then… especially for a project that required an actual (once in a lifetime) barn-raising. And is completely and utterly unique to Pemberton.

You can vote HERE (every day until the contest closes on September 24) for the barn… It takes approximately 10 seconds. Go for it.

A little hometown pride is never a bad thing.


<p><a href=”″>RAISING PEMBERTON &bull; Building Community With The Timber Framers Guild</a> from <a href=””>Ramshackle Pictures</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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