Feature Pemberton instagrammer: @luprints

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Did you know that there’s a little design studio in Pemberton that put the face on Ontario Parks this summer?

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Yeah, she’s also been featured in Dwell magazine, and a host of other glossies.

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If you have a penchant for design, Pemberton vistas and wicked fun mountain bike action, then you want to follow Ulla Clark’s LUprints instagram feed.

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I love seeing the eye-poppingly vibrant colours of one of Ulla’s textiles fresh off the screen press.

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Sneaking a peek inside a working artist’s studio is weirdly gratifying for me.

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(Maybe something about not getting caught in the trap of comparing my daily hustle to someone else’s highlight reel? Or maybe it’s just that other people’s creative energy in action is frankly inspiring.)

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Ulla Clark started her business in Pemberton and now LUprints is taking the world by storm. Be sure to take a peek.