Dogs, Trails, Flag-Waving and Parading the Pleasure of being Canadian: Canada Day in Pemberton looks like this

From the SpudRun start (8:30am) to the Canada Day parade (11am) to the afternoon Community Market and Celebration at the Community Centre (noon – 3), Pemberton’s 2015 Canada Day events will be rounded out with paddleboard yoga at the new Paddle Barn. pajama shopping (shopping for PJs or shopping in your PJs? this is, in fact an opportunity to receive discounts at local stores if you are shopping in your jambo’s… not sure how this applies if you slumber in the buff)  and a Dog Competition (who exactly volunteered to judge the “stinkiest dog contest”?)Screen shot 2015-06-17 at 1.46.46 PM 11048731_416364501868995_4487891758606129173_n 11406249_10155607991370507_3331299130877384280_oCanada Day Flag Poster3-page-001

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