Thinking outside the box: bringing life to a Food Bank contribution

Several times a year, my family and I put canned and packaged goods together to donate to the local Food Bank efforts. We do our best to put some thought into what we donate – foods that are healthy, filling, and that someone might not normally buy on their own, yet may appreciate. It’s really kind of random as it is generally dependent on what’s on our shelves, but we are grateful that we can contribute and trust that someone will enjoy what we were able to offer. The thing is, every single thing we’ve ever donated has been in a can, box, or some other form of packaging that allows for a lengthy shelf life. Until now.

Recently I had the privilege of joining my son’s class on an inspiring field trip. Prior to the outing the kids planted fruit and vegetable seeds as part of a project that will ultimately contribute fresh fruits and vegetables to the Pemberton Food Bank.

The kids tended to the plants in their classroom, watched them grow, and learned excellent life skills during the process. I had the pleasure of participating in “planting day” where the class walked to the community garden and planted their seedlings in the Food Bank garden plot.

It was thrilling to watch how excited and proud the kids were of their efforts.


I love that these kind of initiatives are happening in our town and that kids are learning at an early age that they can make a difference.

Thank you to everyone involved in helping to make this project a success.