Get to know your Garbage

I read about this guy who was trying to live with no impact. Most media, when his year-long adventure blew up, were obsessed with finding out what he used instead of toilet paper. But I was stuck on something a little more upper-shelf in the bathroom stakes. Does a hard-core no-impacter environmentalist floss? Re-use their floss? Eww. The other day, I could hear my 2 year old in the bathroom. “What are you doing?” I ask, nonchalantly. “I flossing, mama.” “Oh, nice one.” Of course, i go in to discover he has unravelled all 11 metres of waxed peppermint flavoured floss and is sucking on it. “It’s yummy, mama.”

What to do? I rolled it back up. (Parenthood is gross. That’s all there is too it.) I haven’t told my husband yet, so he’s been flossing with it for the last week. No harm, no foul. He’d be more choked to know that I’d just thrown out 11 metres of dental floss.

Anyway, I was excited to discover that the SLRD has a great facebook page, in which they share tips on how to get to Zero Waste... so I hope to share some of them here. Because I would like to be less lumbering in my footprint on this lovely planet, and a little more fleet and light-footed.


Looking for resources to progress towards a zero waste lifestyle? These are our favorite websites: – Jen and Grant have made both the Clean Bin Project and Just East It films about their efforts. – also a book by Bea Johnson which chronicles how her “normal” 4 person family transitioned to a zero waste home…/10_easy_tips_for_living… – 10 easy tips for living without plastic, also an online store for products to replace those disposable alternatives – recipes for homemade alternatives and reusable product suggestions