Check out hOMgrown festival’s workshops and classes this weekend

When I describe the festival as “a NOW inspired vision for the future,” what I am referring to is that each and every choice that we make in our ordinary daily lives is like the planting of a seed that will mature and manifest as our future. If we choose to purchase the organically grown apple that sits beside the non-organically grown apple then we cast our vote to see organic practices strengthen and non-organic practices weaken in the future. If we choose to attend a yoga class or other activity that supports wellness rather than choosing to go to the bar to drink then we upshift the possibility for us to continue to support wellness in our lives. All that it takes is one choice to completely re-direct our lives to one that develops into a life that is directed at lasting happiness, peace and love. ~ h’OMgrown Fest founder, Tanya di Valentino


H’OMgrown Fest is a weekend that is packed full of such opportunities. 

Support the fundraising event “Reach for Nepal” – an evening of family friendly yoga (bring the kids!) taught by a group of wonderful yoga teachers blended with the sweet beats of Pete Cronin from

-1A significant portion of h’OMgrown Fest is geared towards understanding the mind and using this understanding as a platform to expand consciousness and enhance the quality of our lives through self-empowerment:

  • Teachers such as Shahar Rabi who is the Clinical Program Director at the Orchard Recovery Centre will lead us through his 2-part workshop, “Yoga, Family Life and Staying Sane;”
  • Depth Psychology Masters student, Lauren Sherman who will offer us her workshop “Using the Mind to Shape the Brain to Serve the Mind;” and
  • Rya Letham’s, “Raw Chocolate Yoga” will explore the correlation of the nutritional properties of the ingredients in the chocolate and the effects our thoughts and emotions have on the nutritional value.

The workshops are welcoming to beginners, the curious, the perplexed and the committed. “If you’ve never attempted to touch your toes at all, it doesn’t make a difference in the study of the mind, ” says Di Valentino. “The majority of yoga teaching is recognising the mind and its patterns and the stretching and postures are really a practice to support the mind. I love bringing that because for so many people it would never have entered their mind that yoga is anything but moving and stretching.”

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