Phot of the Week: Gary Martin – Share the Road

This might be the first time ever that our regular photo contributor, Gary Martin, has offered a caption to go with his photo. It’s entirely legitimate as a wellness message… no one wants to see what happens when cyclists and drivers fail to share the road.

Normally I send a shot of something beautiful and magnificent from around our wonderful valley. Today, I would like to go for a little awareness-raising.

Screen shot 2015-03-15 at 1.18.11 PM

A buddy and I rode out to the motocross track and back today as the highway has now had its spring clean and been swept clear.

I anticipate a substantial increase in road riders enjoying the wonderful place we call home. I hope we can all enjoy the roads safely.

On leaving the village I noticed a new sign instructing riders to stay in single file. As a safety conscious rider, this is something I always try to adhere to.


Safety works both ways!  Vehicles need to remember to give riders ample space when passing and not to force their way past on you blind corners.

The roads are big enough for us all the share and enjoy them through the coming summer months.

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