The Arts Council and Cultural Roundtable are Merging. Learn More Tonight!

It’s not a wedding, but it could be. Arts and Culture are coming together, hitching up, to ensure a more fruitful union in the Valley and celebrate all the forms of self-expression out there, for professionals, amateurs, life-long practitioners, dabblers, masters and kids!

Find out what’s on the agenda, as the Pemberton Cultural Roundtable disbands, and the Pemberton Arts Council amends its by-laws to reinvigorate the organisation and make it more inclusive of all forms of culture and all types of practitioner or appreciator.

Invitation below.10991517_607881455978578_2794624842126313594_o

You are invited to attend an information session on Monday March 2nd in the Pemberton and District Library.

By attending you will learn about the expanded role and new directions the Pemberton Arts and Culture Council are planning for 2015.  This is the work the Cultural Round Table Committee in collaboration with the current board of the Pemberton Arts Council.

Join us in creating a vision for facilitating a rich cultural environment that encompasses all forms of art and culture in our community.  We are very fortunate to have so many talented and creative people in our community. Come and help us discover ways to showcase and support their creativity.

We are looking for dedicated people to step forward and join the new board. You will have the opportunity to explore the requirements of the role at the event. You will also be able to join or renew your membership. If you refer you may join online at

We hope to see you at both the information session and the AGM

Members of the Pemberton Arts Council board & Cultural Round Table Committee

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