The Science of Wellness: Exercise Can Change Your DNA

Great tip from Pemberton’s Roy McClean – this NY Times report that exercise can change your DNA…. not just your mood or your dress size.
It’s an interesting take on the idea that several Wellness Challenge participants reported – the more you do, to practice wellness, the easier it gets.
What I LOVE about wellness is that it has a natural compounding effect on you. The more you fill your life with the more you want to fill your life with. The easier healthier choices  come to you and the easier it is to see the healthier options that are out there. The more you do the more you want to do. The better you feel, the more energy you have, the more you like what you see. Wellness is truly on your side, it tries it’s hardest to encourage you, to support you, to help you see it clearly. Sometimes you fall off the track but you can always get back on it. Laura Zgud

Exercise, it seems, changes the shape and functioning of our genes!

The human genome is highly complex. Genes are always turning on or off, depending on biochemical triggers. When genes are turned on, they express proteins that prompt physiological responses elsewhere in the body.

The process by which the operation of genes, but not the structure of the gene, is changed, is called epigenetics. Mostly, it involves the genes becoming more responsive to biochemical signals from the body – and that can be caused by certain diets or lifestyle changes. Or exercise.

A recent study showed that not only did exercise cause physical improvements in the subjects (their legs got more powerful after riding a stationary bike), their muscle cells’ DNA changed, too – mostly in improved energy metabolism, insulin response and inflammation within muscles.

In other words, exercising didn’t just make the participants stronger – it also made them more prone to be healthy, fit and strong.

It’s a good argument for baby steps. Every little bit we do for wellness really does count.