Step Up, Show Up: Jordan Sturdy MLA on the 2014 Pemberton election

Screen shot 2014-09-17 at 8.55.42 PM


Despite his busy schedule, our former Mayor, Jordan Sturdy MLA, agreed to share his thoughts on the pros and cons of running for office in the forthcoming elections. In a community as active as Pemberton, it seems a no-brainer to invite people to be as active in the democratic process…

Do you have opinions about the future of your community?  Do you have ideas about parks and recreation services, development, or the direction of your local economy?  Right now you have an opportunity to stand up, put your name forward, and be part of charting a course for the future of Pemberton.  Running for local government office, for Mayor, for Council or for the Board of Education is stressful and challenging yet ultimately, a hugely rewarding experience. So step up and run, then show up and vote! ~ Jordan Sturdy, MLA

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