BirdWatch: the Red-Necked Grebe

HB 158

HB 176

The latest from John Tschopp, a first time sighting of the rare red-necked grebe:

Finally I can report a bird, that took a rest in Pemberton, feeding in a pond on private property. It is on the Pemberton list, but it is the first time I have seen it. The Red-necked Grebe is a rather solitary bird. It breeds inland and is now on its way to the coast, where it spends the winter in shallow bays. It can not get airborne from land and needs a good run on water to take to the wing. The bird on the picture is a juvenile. The view from the back shows the location of the legs, way back on the body, which makes it difficult for the Grebe to walk on land.

The two Sandhill Cranes are still in the valley and I’ll attach a picture, taken a week ago.

HB 128

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