Shout Out: The Rotary Fitness Circuit

The invitation to Be Well is everywhere, including at One Mile Lake, with the addition of a self-guided fitness circuit.


The fitness circuit was the result of a few people with passion, harnessing their personal strengths and rallying their community networks (which is kind of the formula for most great things, isn’t it? I can think of a handful of examples, before I’ve even finished my coffee. Let’s profile them here. Nominate someone or an inspiring project/initiative in the comments section so we can give them some love and recognition.)

This 15 station fitness circuit around the lake is the baby of Liz Scroggins from Rotary  and Nicolle Bortolussi of Revolution Personal Training, with support from the Village of Pemberton. It’s a circuit of simple exercises that can be done with body weight, any time of the day or night, and incorporates existing structures such as benches, bridges and open spaces to minimize the need for additional infrastructure and make the most of an inspiring setting.

For a full Q+A about the project, visit Choose Pemberton.

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