[Updated] Volunteer Call-out: Join the Community Barn milling or baking crew, now!


John Tschopp (our bird-watching guru) and “Uncle” Bob Gilmore are currently milling 354 pieces of 6 x 8 purlins for the barn roof.

They are doing an awesome job, according to the Timber Framers Guild project lead, Randy Churchill, who posted on the project blog yesterday:

Community volunteers are busy sawing 6″ x 8″ purlins (about 350 of them) for the new Pemberton Barn. Wood was harvested locally and donated by the Lil’wat Nation Forest Ventures LP. Sawing accuracy surpasses our expectations for size and square which will make the Crew very happy when they arrive on May 12 to start cutting joinery.

They will be working just about every day for the next little while (a month or so) on the land behind the Village Municipal Hall.


The Village of Pemberton and the Community Barn team are looking for one person daily to be on-site to help (i.e. rotate logs on the mill etc.)

It doesn’t have to be the same person everyday but the more days you can do the less explaining needs to be done.

If you can help please contact Doug at 604-935-9587 or doug.tuck@gov.bc.ca

If you’re not tool-minded, there are other ways to help.

Niki Vankerk has a freezer ready for baked treats to feed/sustain Timber Framers. She’s collecting baking now until and during the big event, May 12-24. Anything yummy for breakfast or snacks through the day are welcome: scones, cookies, muffins, cinnamon buns, loaves… whatever your specialty is.

Baking can be dropped at Niki’s house anytime. Email with questions – niki @ vankerksolutions.com (or text 604-617-5911 or Facebook or send a messenger pigeon…)

Follow the project via Facebook and the Timber Framers Guild’s project blog.

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