Wellness: The Benefits of Making Your Own Milk

Milk is one of those staples that has always been a part of our daily diet. But the more I learn about the state of our milk, the harder I work to cut it out of my diet.

There is no substitute for the health benefits of raw, unpasteurized milk. A mothers breast milk is literally the building blocks of an infants body and health. Unfortunately, the milk you find in the supermarket is far from natural, nutritious raw milk.

rachelle sereda milk

The pasteurization of milk alters the proteins and amino acids into a form that your body does not recognize. Pasteurization also destroys much of the beneficial bacteria that makes raw milk such a nutritious choice. On top of that, consider the amount of antibiotics and hormones that cattle are often given on conventional farms. That also ends up in our milk!

So if you want to cut milk out of your diets, what options are you left with? Living in a small community like Pemberton, you may be able to find a source of raw milk that you can trade your fresh grown produce for. But if that isn’t an option for you, making your own almond (or other nut) milk is simple and delicious.

The advantage of making your own milk is that you know exactly what is going into it. There are no fillers or additives, and you can adjust the recipe to your own taste! Simply soak a cup of almonds (or other nuts) in water overnight. This removes much of the acid present in the skins. Then blend the almonds with 2 cups of water and a date or two for sweetness. Squeeze through a nut milk bag or cheesecloth and you have almond milk. The added perk is that you can make your own almond flour from the almond meal. It’s just that easy!

For more health articles and healthy recipes check out my cookbook 2Nourish. Head to www.nourishbooks.ca to order a copy, or pick one up at Be Natural in Pemberton.

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