Wellness: Healing to the Bone (The benefits of bone broth)

bone broth

As I sat down to write this blog, I actually paused to prepare a crockpot of my own bone broth. As the new year takes off and the winter continues, many people have been pulled down by those pesky cold and flu bugs. There are natural alternatives to taking processed and/or synthetic medication or supplements to conquer these ailments, but I want to focus on one in particular. Bone broth.

The health benefits of this homemade elixir are incredible. There is an old South American proverb that says “good broth will resurrect the dead”. Though that may be a bit of an exaggeration, bone broth has the ability to heal many parts of our bodies.

Hippocrates said “all disease begins in the gut.” Our busy schedules have led us to consume more processed foods, which contain sugar, gluten, GMO’s, synthetics, additives, and the list goes one. These ingredients upset the delicate balance in our systems.

Our gut is our second brain and a large percentage of our immune and detox systems. Getting clean by detoxing and restoring good gut flora are key to healing.

On top of building up our immunity, bone broth also aids in relining the gut. Many lifestyle factors, such as stress and poor diet, can deteriorate our intestinal lining. This causes food sensitivities, among other things, which many people suffer from. The gelatin present in bone broth can help to heal the leaks in the system.

Bone broth has the ability to increase our immunity and heal our bodies, in more ways than I can touch on in this article. But making homemade bone broth has become a lost art. Pre-made, store bought broth cannot replace the benefits of broth made from humanely-raised, healthy animals. Humans, as well as animals, store much of our toxins in the fatty portions of the bones. So the healthier the animal, the more nutritious the broth.

So put on a crock pot and let the healing begin! Get bone broth into your regular diet and put the HEAL back into HEALTHY.

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