The Vitality Project with Georgette Metcalfe

In January, I read a quote by Kris Carr that seemed to capture Wellness really well…

kris carr on vitality

I love this word: vitality. It leapt off the page and danced around the room and then forced me to dog-ear the page of the book where the quote appeared, which I never do. (I’m a book-reverer.)
But I’m curious about it. What exactly is it? How do you get it? What can be done to boost it? I decided to ask around, because I am constantly amazed by the practical wisdom that abounds in this community.
Yoga instructor and co-founder of Tadasana Yoga, Georgette Metcalfe, was my first port-of-call. Georgette began going to Yoga classes regularly in 1997 after hurting her back mountain biking.  She took her teacher training in 2005.
Here is her take on what vitality is, and how to cultivate it:
To know each day brings a gift.  What is today may not necessarily be tomorrow.  Life is movement… it absolutely never remains still… Can we as individuals meet the flow of life and buoyantly move with it?
Vitality is not something to be in search of… It is here, every day, always.  It is today’s little gift to you… me… everyone.
Truth be known, I do not always see the pretty bow on vitality’s gift.  Thankfully, it does not stay this way for long… The fog lifts for a moment and I see it when my eyes catch the unspoken love that results from locking eyes with your child, in the movement of the clouds as Mt. Currie reveals it’s snowy peaks. I see it, hear it and feel it when the yoga class finishes with a resounding ommmmm.
Ah yes, the wellspring of love, gratitude and flow… this is vitality to me.

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