River Watch with Maxine Bruce

Ama Sqit Nsneknukwa7,
Kela ama ku zayten

Our salmon are arriving and we are quite busy at this time of year. My shoes already have experienced a lot of mileage in my efforts to ensure our projects are running smooth.


Chief Lucinda Phillips takes part in the Bank Walk as part of the salmon fish count.

Birkenhead River Sockeye Salmon Count

As of Monday September 2nd, an estimated 6261 sockeye through our counting fence. Due to rain, our river levels are fluctuating between 5cm to 10cm higher since August 26th when we first installed the counting fence.
We have a crew monitoring the fence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our sockeye fence site is just downstream of Seymour Road. If you can, go check it out!

When you drive by, HONK FOR SUPPORT! Kukwstumckalap!

Crab Apple Creek
I wanted to take this time to acknowledge and thank the Lilwat Fisheries Technicians for their efforts involved with the improvements to Fish Habitat on Crab Apple Creek. We have completed our participation at that work site.

Spetch Creek
Lil’wat Fish Technicians have been spending time at Spetch Creek conducting Fish Habitat Surveys; again I acknowledge the efforts from the Lil’wat Fisheries Technicians.

Joffrey Creek
The Lil’wat Fisheries Technicians are up in the Joffrey Creek conducting Fish Habitat Surveys. I went to the upper sections of Joffrey Creek and the view was spectacular; a perspective I have experienced before.

Wedge Creek
The Lil’wat Fisheries Technicians are in the Wedge Creek conducting Fish Habitat Surveys. It’s quite a trek from Xet’olacw to the work site, but they make it.

Soo River
We just completed the sampling program at Soo River. Another beautiful place in the Lil’wat territory.

Birkenhead River “Annual Chinook Salmon Walk”
Annually, we have been counting our Zumak in it’s spawning grounds. I would like to take this time to acknowledge our Chief Lucinda Phillips for taking time out of her busy day to be involved in this annual effort. I look forward to learning their Chinook Count at Day’s end.
I will provide you with some numbers of the amount of Zumak that made it to the spawning grounds as soon as our Crew gets back.

The Birkenhead River Annual Chinook Salmon Walk is scheduled each year on September 5, 12 and 19th, if you would like to volunteer for this walk, please contact me at the Land and Resources office. Personal gear is necessary; chest waders, wading boots and polarized sunglasses.

Nilh ti


Maxine Joseph-Bruce
Fisheries Manager
Mount Currie Band – Lil’wat Nation
P.O. Box 602
Mount Currie, B.C.
V0N 2K0
Tel 604-894-2333 ext 228
Fax 604-894-1518

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