Recipe: Blueberry Jam


Personal resolution: don’t let the fact that I’ve never done it before, stop me from experimenting in the kitchen. Start simple. Build slowly towards Domestic Goddess status. Or just get messy and have fun. (Being a goddess is probably over-rated anyhow.)

So. It’s blueberry season.

Don’t let it pass you by, without putting some away to savour later. There’s nothing better than opening the freezer in the middle of winter and pulling out a small jar of something that tastes of high summer.

So, here’s a recipe for Freezer Blueberry Jam, that requires no fancy footwork, no pectin, no tongs, no canning protocol…

If you are a Next Level Canning and Preserving Goddess or Guru, and would like to share a blow-by-blow post on how to make a batch of jam, then bring it on. We’d love to share that here, too.


10 cups blueberries

4 cups sugar

2 lemons squeezed (1/4 cup lemon juice)

Mash berries in a big stockpot on medium heat. (Potato masher is perfect for the task.)

Add sugar and stir continuously for 35-40 minutes, as it roils.

When it slides off a spoon in a sheet, add the lemon juice and stir until thickens.

Then pour into jars.

Store in freezer, and bring out as your sweet tooth demands…

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