In season: Blueberries

If you stopped by at the Pemberton Farmers Market yesterday, you might now be enjoying locally grown eggplant, cucumbers, cabbage, carrots and zucchini, as well as organic blueberries.


Local blueberry growers, JD and Sharon Hare, are profiled this week at Choose Pemberton. Find out more about their adventures here.

If you were to write a job description for a farmer, what would it read? How did you know you had what it took, not having grown up on farms?

One thing that makes our operation a little different from other new farms in the area, is that blueberries are a perennial. Our farm is more like an orchard or a vineyard.  So, for me it has been more of a farm-building project.  I knew I could tackle that, and the idea of spending our lives becoming better farmers really appealed to both of us.

To be a good small-plot organic farmer, you have to truly love the land, and every single cell of life.

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