Green Thumbs: Looking Forward and Great Summer Blooms to Plant now

I can’t get over how beautiful this time of year is.  Our farm is loaded with blooms and the wildflowers nearby are popping up too. The Bathtub Trail is looking lush with growth and the trail on our side of the river is full of roses in bloom. The best part following a bike ride is coming off the train bridge and riding down the hill taking in the scent of rose. My face sticks out like a dog with his head out the window enjoying every second of it.

We are still picking spring flowers on the farm but all the while planning ahead for the summer’s blooms which means sowing now to have a nice round of fresh cuts come summer.

We will be direct seeding zinnias, marigolds and cosmos into the garden come the first week of June and even again two weeks after that.

Zinnias are heavy feeders so if you can place them somewhere where the soil is rich it’s a good idea. Remember to pinch out the first flower and then the plant can branch from the base. They are cut-and-come-agains along with the marigolds and cosmos which is mighty fantastic. Keep them cut and they will pump out flowers up till frost.

Marigolds are one of my faves! I’m quite excited because the other day I was given a couple of Anna’s plants from her own seed. I tucked them in already in the garden close to the house so we can watch them grow. As long as you keep the weeds down and keep the watered you should get some super flowers.


Finally, I mentioned cosmos. Also one of my faves. This group of flowers actually does better in crappy soil. With too much fertilizer you get massive plants and not many blooms. Just something to keep in mind.

If you have some space at the end of your veggie patch toss in some flower seeds! It’s not too late!

Happy Gardening


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