Shout Out: Junior World Changers

Junior World Changers

On February 5, the Village of Pemberton Council heard from an unusual delegation. Trinity Ellis, Maddy Hannah and Alyssa Richman made a presentation to Council, which in itself isn’t that weird a thing – Village of Pemberton council receives delegations regularly. Only these delegates are all 12 years old.

They wanted to explain what they’re up to with the Pemberton Junior World Changers – a youth group made up of 10-20 local students from grades 3 to 7, who meet every second Tuesday to discuss important issues and events taking place in the world and community today, and whose mission is to make the world a nicer place to live in, both locally and globally.

This spring, the group is working with local artist Donna Jane Dane, and embarking on a community beautification project – they’ve been given the go-ahead by the manager of the Community Centre to paint the power box at the Water Park and the doors to the Community Centre’s parking garage.

Where do you come by your interest in social justice?

We care about other people and things that we think are unfair. We’ve met other people who don’t have the same privileges or rights as we do, and we want people to be happy.


What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about kids aged 8-12?

That we’re incapable or we can’t do much because we’re just kids and we don’t have much power.  But we can have big goals and do small things to get there. You have to DO something to make a difference.


Why did you want to do something like this?

We wanted to do something that would make a difference and be fun at the same time.



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