Opinion: A Straight Line

I have just had the privilege of attending a presentation on the Ministry of Education’s ERASE bullying strategy made possible to First Nations Independent schools and organizations by the First Nations Education Steering Committee (FNESC).

Great presentation, great knowledge passed on as to what is happening with our youth.

Big message: we need to know what our kids are doing on line, in school and in relationship. We need to ask the questions that we may not want to know the answer to, we need to create space for kids and youth to talk about what matters to them.

Bigger message: As adults we need to lead by example.

walk the talk

We continue to draw the straight line between adult and youth/child behaviour. Not to say everything we do is mimicked by our children, but that whether we like it or not they receive messages as to what is or is not acceptable from adults. Adults who live with them, adults who make and consume television shows, adults who produce and procure video games, adults who make policy and take a stand against bullying.


So, Liberal Government of British Columbia, congrats on the ERASE bullying work. Unfortunately your work is diminished greatly by your choice of negative and attack advertising that is flooding the airwaves, our computer screens and print media. The direct line you drew and highlighted for us parents, educators, community members in your ERASE bullying strategy is supported by your media-op pink shirts but blown apart by your relentless attacking of others.

Erase Bullying

Here’s hoping that we can learn and grow, reflect and change our behaviour to mirror our core values. I know I’m trying to see the straight lines between my behaviour and actions. I challenge you to try too in real life and politics.

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