Q+A Meet Wellness Worker, Lindsay May

Our Wellness Worker Q+A is a new series of profiles of frontline service workers in our region, who are dedicated to wellness. Today, we talk to Lindsay May.

What are your job titles?

Seniors Supported Living Co-Ordinator with Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH)
BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Leader among other distinctions

What do you do?

At VCH, I schedule events for seniors that encourage a healthy active lifestyle, everything from fitness classes to Diner’s Club lunches to Wii Bowling games & adventure trips!

As bananamay bodyworks owner  – I design exercise programs that are safe and boss people around. I support my clients as best as I can as they work towards achieving their personal fitness goals.

How do people usually come to see you?
Through word of mouth at both jobs.

What kinds of things do you do for them?

At VCH I do a lot of organizing and scheduling, I create and plan events. My work includes driving people to events & facilitating work with other VCH specialists.

At BananaMay Bodyworks – torture, emails, phone calls, facebook updates, motivate, plan their workouts.

What is the best thing about your jobs?

The clients I get to work with are the best. Both my jobs are happy jobs.

How can people contact you?
VCH- 604-698-5380 lindsay.may@vch.ca
bananamay bodyworks – 604-905-9347 bananamaybodyworks@hotmail.com or on facebook.

What does ‘wellness’ mean to you?

Wellness is holistic.  It encompasses physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. All these facets work together to acheive balance. True wellness is finding that balance.

Is there anything you try and do on a daily basis, as a daily practice or habit or ritual, to keep grounded and healthy yourself?

Not everyday . . . but I run, it’s my me time.

What, if you could boil it down, would be the single most important or effective thing someone can do to choose a path of wellness?

That is a super hard question. I think that it’s personal and unique for everyone. The first step I think is to love yourself and believe that you deserve wellness . . . though sometimes that is found along the way.

What do you wish our communities had more of?

I wish we had more opportunities for us to spend time together and really connect as people.

What do you wish you had more of?


Can you share an inspiring quote or piece of art with us?

“the only constant is change” . . . Tragically Hip

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