Bringing the Garden Inside for Winter : Kitchen Herbs

Well, I think that’s officially It for the garden.

I have a stash of frozen pesto from my basil and cilantro harvest, and a little ziplock bag of dill stashed in the freezer, but I’m really going to miss the splash of green and injection of flavour that my little herb patch added to the kitchen experiments this summer.

So, today I had the bright idea to create an indoor planter with some herbs. Pemberton Valley Nursery had some rosemary out back in their greenhouse. I dug up a couple of small parsley plants. Scrubbed a pot clean in warm soapy water. Loaded the bottom with small rocks. Filled it with potting mix. And planted rosemary and parsley.

Let’s see how long it lasts.

2 thoughts on “Bringing the Garden Inside for Winter : Kitchen Herbs

  1. ecoggins says:

    Simmer sprigs of your fresh rosemary on the stove to purify the air in your home. The volatile oil is antiseptic and will give notice to cold & flu bugs that they are not welcome!

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