Coaches Corner: Say Hello.

Pemberton’s Maureen Douglas likes people, and she’d like it even more if we were all a bit more friendly to each other.

A community relations expert, she has launched the The Hello Pledge, a simple act that can make a huge impact on a neighbourhood or community.

Mo told Choose Pemberton that saying hello to people costs nothing.

It takes only a tiny bit of time, energy, kindness and courage to offer a hello to a stranger.

Last weekend, Mo rode out for the Slow Food Cycle. She writes in her blog that this special annual grassroots event is a total blast because everyone is so friendly.

The road is filled with bicyclists leisurely (it’s a SLOW food CYCLE) riding from one farm to the next, enjoying the incredible scenic valley, talking about what they’ve seen, tasted or bought to enjoy at home later. The conversations are buzzing along the road and at the farms. And everyone is friendly. Strangers offer one another sunscreen, water or whatever else may be needed  —  Band-aids, bug spray, dental floss (corn was popular this year). Old friends squeal with recognition and delight at running into one another. Strangers strike up conversations about how great the day is and how many friends they’re bringing back with them next year.

Dozens of volunteers make the day function smoothly and then thousands of people show up to enjoy it all. And everyone is friendly, happy and connected.

People feel a part of something bigger than themselves, they feel closer to their community, to the land and to the food that eventually reaches their table. They feel welcomed.

So, a big thanks to all those folks who make the Slow Food Cycle possible!



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