Pemby Library kicks off their week as our guestagrammer

It’s hard for me to talk about the library without getting a bit soapboxy… I suspect most people who had a strong nerd-streak as a kid found safe haven in a library. But it wasn’t just for nerds… Since I moved to Pemberton, the library was always a place of welcome, the kind of place where no one shushed you, where staff would let you use their own personal cards to borrow a book if you were from out of town, or where, as new to the community as you might be, you were welcomed by your first name. A lot has changed in the library since those first encounters – from its location and size to almost all of the staff, to the size of the DVD collection – and yet, despite the growth and change (things I find dizzyingly disorienting, in this neck of the woods), those values of welcome and community have stayed so strong that even my five year old son observes, of his various library encounters throughout the corridor and the places we have travelled, that “the people at our library are the kindest.” I don’t know where they summon the energy to create that place of refuge, to answer people’s questions, to stock little free libraries, to invent brilliant summer reading club scavenger hunts, to conceive and develop new programs, but I am so appreciative of this place in our community and the way they are practical champions for wellness. I am excited to explore the ways they do that, this week, as they kick off their instagram takeover of The Wellness Almanac account.

Follow along at (and while you’re at it, add @pembylibrary to your feed too).

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